Biozide Gel

About Biozide ® Gel

Wound Dressing: Bactericidal - Fungicidal - Nonirritating

Biozide ® Gel is a topical antimicrobial gel containing Povidone-Iodine Complex, it is formulated for the purpose of creating a healing, infection free environment to protect the wound site and to promote problem free healing of minor, severe, as well as "tough to heal" injuries on all species of companion animals, but especially on horses, where the proper healing of wounds and abrasions can be quite difficult at times.

Biozide Gel, because of its clinging, gel consistency, does not melt or run off of the treatment site. The high viscosity and clinging properties of Biozide Gel and it's resistance to melting or freezing, makes it ideal for use in the stable or barn area or when the horse is pastured. In addition Biozide Gel is just as easy to apply during the cold winter months (when other products freeze up) as it is in the summer, Biozide Gel keeps its consistency and does not melt. Biozide Gel does not melt; it stays where you put it, and does not run off, day in and day out.

A recommended procedure for the treatment of wounds is as follows:

  1. Assess the extent of the wound damage and state of cleanliness.
  2. Cleanse the wound and surrounding area using soap or detergent, clean fresh water or sterile saline, and clean sterile cotton or gauze, as available under the conditions. Clip the surrounding hair if necessary.
  3. Pat wound dry with gauze or clean cloth.
  4. Suture as necessary.
  5. Apply Biozide Gel, with a sterile instrument (spatula, gauze, tissue), sufficient to cover wound site and an area around the wound.
  6. Depending on the conditions, the wound may be left uncovered, or covered with sterile gauze or other bandage. Bandaging can help prevent dirt or debris from getting into the treated wound.
  7. Progress of healing should be checked daily and the wound site checked for infection. The wound should be cleansed and more Biozide Gel applied as necessary.
  8. If swelling, inflammation, redness or other symptom or irritation should occur, reexamine wound for possible causes.
  9. Observation and treatment should be continued until complete healing occurs.
  10. Note: For deep or puncture wounds: Use standard practice methods to cleanse and suture wound and protect from infections developing in deep tissues.
Biozide Gel